Welcome to the future of sailing. The Atlas is the culmination of years of work and the cornerstone of a growing ecosystems of sensors and displays. This guide covers the current version of the Atlas firmware. A major firmware upgrade will be available soon, with lots of exciting new features and performance improvements!

Annotated Atlas.jpg


Press and hold the Power/Menu button to turn the Atlas on or off.

To charge the Atlas, connect the USB end of the included charging cable a USB charger.  Then attach the magnetic end to the charging port on the Atlas. It is recommended to charge your Atlas to full capacity at least once every 3 months.

If the Atlas was previously used in salt water, wipe down the charging port with a damp cloth prior to charging.


Display & Buttons:

The info bar displays device information like Battery Level and Current Time.

Buttons 1 - 4 are contextual and can change function based on what is being displayed. The button bar displays the current functions of each of the 4 buttons. The default and most common functions are: Ping, +1, Reset, and Start. Ping is used to set the starting marks (see “Starting & Distance to line”, below).  +1, Reset and Start control the start timer.

The Atlas displays all of its data in different widgets. Each screen is populated by those widgets. You can see the main screen has 4 widgets:  Heading, Speed, Heel, and Trim. Widgets will allow you to customize your own screen layouts with the Vakaros App (coming soon).

The Home button allows you to return to the home screen from any menu and is used to cycle through your configured layouts.


Starting & Distance to Line:

The Atlas is designed to help you get a great start to any race, showing a highly accurate measure of distance to line (DTL), as well as a start timer. To measure DTL, begin by pressing the Ping button to record the locations of the marks which define the starting line. This brings up the Ping Menu, and dedicates buttons 1 and 2 to recording the locations of the Boat and Pin. Each time the Boat or Pin button is pressed, the Atlas will save the current GPS coordinates as the location of that mark, replacing any previous pings. Once both marks have been recorded, the Ping Menu will show additional information about the starting line, including line length and perpendicular heading. Exit the Ping Menu by pressing the Back button or the Home button.

Once the starting marks have been recorded, the Atlas automatically displays DTL on the starting screen, measured in meters. DTL is currently calculated without any bow offset, this feature will be available in a future release. To start the 5 minute countdown timer, press Start. Minutes can be added to the timer using the +1 button. The Start button becomes Sync while the timer is running. Pressing Reset will stop the countdown timer and reset it to 5 minutes.

After the countdown timer reaches zero, the Atlas will automatically change to the main screen. The timer will continue counting up in the background, until the End button is pressed.



In order to mount the Atlas to your boat, you will need to attach the included Atlas Mount to the boat. The mount can be attached directly to a mast track, bulkhead, or any flat surface using the two provided screws or by running a velcro strap through the hole in the side. The mount can be installed in either orientation, with the release tab facing up or down. Be sure that the release tab will be accessible with the Atlas installed—pulling this tab is the only way to remove the Atlas from the mount.

To attach the Atlas to the mount, first hook the solid end of the mount into one of the slots on the back of the Atlas, then push the Atlas towards the quick-release end of the mount until it clicks securely into place.  To remove the Atlas, press the Atlas gently towards the mount, pull on the quick-release tab, tilt the Atlas away from the mount to remove it.

For maximum mounting security, tie a safety line to the lanyard loop on the bottom left corner of the Atlas.

In order to use the magnetic compass, heel, and trim, the Atlas must be mounted to a fixed location on the boat (i.e. not on a boom or rotating mast). Offset angle settings for heel, trim and heading to account for different mount orientations will be available in a future release.


Care Instructions:

Store the Atlas in its case to avoid scratching the anti-reflective & hydrophobic coating on the glass.

Wipe away salt & salty water when finished sailing.

After using the Atlas in salt water, wipe down the charging port with a damp cloth prior to charging.

To clean the Atlas, use a soft cloth. Dampen cloth with water if necessary.

Don't leave the Atlas outdoors when not in use.

Don't leave the Atlas submerged in water for extended periods.


Vakaros App:

The Vakaros App is currently in the submission process for both iOS and Android, and will be available soon. All Atlas customers will receive an email notification when it is ready for installation on your device. The Vakaros App will allow you to update and configure your Atlas, as well as to download data for analysis. Stay tuned!