All-in-one wireless sailing instrument that gives you an advantage on the racecourse.

Real-time GPS speed and responsive, accurate magnetic heading. Heel, pitch and leeway. VMG to a mark or bearing. All in a single instrument.

Control the start with the most accurate distance and time to line. Track shifts intuitively and use VMG to find the optimum mode. Multi-day battery life lets you stay focused on racing.

Review your performance and track improvement over time with sophisticated analytics tools. 

Configure the graphic display on the Atlas from your phone. Create new boat profiles and add wireless sensors to your Atlas to expand its capabilities.




Fast. Accurate.

Accuracy and performance matter.

The Atlas uses the highest performance sensors available to deliver velocity with zero latency and real-time, motion-compensated heading.

Industry leading 18 Hz GPS maximizes precision and minimizes latency while a 9-axis inertial measurement unit responds to changes in motion 1600 times per second. The Atlas combines their data using a sensor fusion algorithm to provide an unmatched level of performance.


Learn more about how the Atlas helped win the Marstrom 32 North Americans!

Vakaros Atlas Sailing GPS Heading Heel & Leeway Screen
The Vakaros Atlas updates very very quickly compared other to competitive products; it just gives you that extra second to think and respond quicker so that’s really helpful for us.
— Ian Williams, 6x World Champion
Vakaros Atlas Distance to Line Time to Line Start Screen

start strong.

Know your time to line.

Hyper-accurate position and speed provide starting confidence. See a real-time estimate of your distance and time to line at a glance and maintain your situational awareness.

Learn more about GPS accuracy and accurately measuring time and distance to line. 

It really lets you know where you are, even when you are approaching the line at 20kts.
— Morgan Larson, America's Cup Sailor



Aerospace grade aluminum unibody.
Gorilla Glass.
The most secure mount on the water.
Designed and assembled in the USA.


Designed to exceed IP68 water resistance standards.

Learn more about the design process for the Atlas.



See clearly.  Always.

Understand complex information quickly thanks to intuitive graphics, advanced optics and a digit size of up to 40 mm.

A state-of-the-art sunlight-readable display makes the Atlas easy to read in any light. Optical bonding and an anti-reflective glass coating reduce reflections and maximize contrast. An automatic low-power red backlight maintains your night vision.

And naturally, it works just fine with polarized sunglasses.



Atlas Head On (Big Numbers).png
The display is great; you can see it from pretty much anywhere on the boat.
— Taylor Canfield, Etchells World Champion


Dimension Renders.png


Any boat. Anywhere.

The sleek, compact Atlas fits almost anywhere. At just 180 grams and 11 mm thick, no other instrument comes close. Cable-free design makes installation quick and easy.


Check out a recent on-the-water test to see what its like to sail with an Atlas on a foiling A-cat.


Fully wireless. Always within reach.

The Atlas connects wirelessly with the Vakaros Connect App on your phone for updates, customization, data upload and more.

See live data from the rail, or the coach boat. Link multiple units together and synchronize your start. Connect to external sensors to add extra capability to your Atlas.


Atlas Wireframe Buttons.png
Mount Render Front & Side.png

Integrated Battery

Sail for days without needing to recharge. The power efficient design of the Atlas maximizes battery life and longevity, while a magnetic charging cable makes recharging a breeze. 

Tactile Feedback

Physical buttons provide clear tactile feedback, even when wearing gloves. Ping a mark or start a timer without even looking.

Mounting Flexibility

The Atlas includes a mount ready to attach to a sail track (with included slug), bulkhead or any flat surface, with just 2 small bolts. A variety of brackets and adapters will be available soon.


Wireless Connectivity

Customize your Atlas from your phone and connect to future Vakaros wireless sensors and displays. Download the Vakaros Connect App for iOS (Android coming soon) and connect to your Atlas.


Powerful tools to track your performance. Coming soon.

Boat Profiles

Easily configure your Atlas for different boats. Save and load your own custom boat profiles with different screen layouts and preferences.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 2.22.49 PM.png
Atlas Head On Main Screen.png

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Upgrade to the next generation of sailing technology, and be among the first to experience the game-changing performance of the Atlas on the water.