Does the Atlas include both magnetic heading and GPS COG? +

Yes. The Atlas integrates a magnetometer, accelerometer, gyro, and high precision GPS in a single instrument.

How does the Atlas calculate VMG? +

The Atlas can calculate VMG to a waypoint or bearing (e.g. a wind shot) that you specify. With the Vakaros wind sensor (coming soon), real-time VMG to the true wind direction will be possible as well.

How do I customize Atlas display layouts? +

All display customization is done using the Vakaros Connect App (Android/iOS). Custom pages can be built from a library of widgets.

How readable is it? +

The Atlas has a high contrast reflective display, similar in appearance to E-ink, but using a different technology. With a wide viewing angle and support for digits up to 40 mm high, the Atlas can comfortably be mast mounted on boats as large as a TP52.

What sensors are available for the Atlas? +

Vakaros is developing a range of high performance wireless sensors for the Atlas. Wind and speed-through-water are the first priorities.

What mounting options are available? +

The Atlas includes an aluminum mount that can be bolted directly to a bulkhead or mast track (with included slug). A range of accessories to make mounting easy on a range of boats will be available soon.

Will the Atlas integrate with Expedition? +

We are working on support for sending and receiving data with Expedition.

How long does the Atlas run on its internal battery? +

Battery life is approximately 75 hours.

How much does it weigh? +

180 grams (6.34 ounces). For more specifications, check out the Atlas Tech Specs page.

How do I analyze data from my Atlas? +

The Atlas continuously logs performance data, which can be uploaded to the web based Vakaros Analytics platform using the Vakaros Connect app (Andorid/iOS).

Does the Atlas support sending and receiving data via NMEA? +

This is a feature we are currently evaluating. The NMEA standard and existing NMEA sensors don't meet our requirements for performance and we dont want to compromise the Atlas with bad data. That said, we understand the need to integrate with other systems on larger boats. We're developing an interface for NMEA 2000 systems, expected to launch in 2020.

When can I get one? How much does it cost? +

The Atlas is currently available directly from Vakaros and select retailers. We ship worldwide, and all pricing includes any applicable VAT. For the latest pricing and delivery information, click here.


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